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Kentucky Travel and Genealogy


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Kentucky Travel and Genealogy

Other Interesting Places to Visit

North of the central Bluegrass area you will find several small cities just south of Cincinnati. Enjoy a lovely view of the Ohio River, stay at Covington's fine hotels, and shop at the large Florence Mall. When you have time, cross over the River and see the Cincinnati Reds play. There is a brand new modern acquarium to enjoy, and plenty of good restaurants.

Western Kentucky has a magnificent lake district. If you like to fish, swim, boat,or just enjoy beautiful views, it can't be beat. Mammoth Cave is in the area, as well as various types of entertainment opportunities. We enjoyed seeing an unusual animal refuge, playing minature golf and attending a play at Horse Cave Theater. There really wasn't time to do everything.

Have fun on your way to Kentucky. To our South are the beautiful Smokey Mountains with their special music and crafts. If you arrive by the northern route, enjoy a train ride and shopping for antiques in Lebanon, Ohio or one of many festivals in the southern Ohio area. To the west lies the great city of St. Louis with its gateway arch, and to the East the scenic mountains of Virginia and West Virginia.
For a quiet day, visit Huntington's lovely art museum; for a wild one try white water rafting on W.Va. streams.

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