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If you use the Internet to locate a page of census information or another type of surname list and are then faced with going down a column of names, pull down the menu under Edit in a Microsoft Explorer browser. One choice is find. Simply type in your surname and click to have your browser do the searching. Additional clicks will be necessary if your surname appears more than once on the page.

The photo below is of Martha V. (Pauley) Alley and one of her grandsons during World War II. Martha was the daughter of Shadell Randolph Pauley, who lived during the Civil War era.

Martha V. Pauley and grandson during World War II

HAWKINS - John Alford Hawkins was born about 1836, in Tennessee, according to a Russell Co., Va. census. He married Marinda Ramey, born about 1847, daughter of Moses Ramey, in Pike County, Kentucky. The parents of John Alford Hawkins were Elisha Hawkins, born about 1802 in North Carolina, and Isabelle Roberts, b. about 1814 in North Carolina. Some of the couple's children were born in Tennesse (such as Alexander, born in Johnson Co.) and others were born in North Carolina (such as Elisha, Jr. who was born in Wilkes County.) Some leads have been located on Elisha's parents, but have not yet been explored in detail.

HILLS - Maggie Hill was born in 1894 in Clintwood Virginia and died in 1951 in Pike County, Kentucky. She was the daughter of John Mack Hill, b. 1866 in Wise Co. Virginia. John's father was also a John M. Hill.

HENRYS - Lillie Carter Henry was born in 1880 in Ezel, Ky. She was the daughter of John D. Henry, b. 1848, and Rebecca SAMPLE. She married into the NICKELL family of Morgan County, Kentucky (see the heading for Nickells, when completed.)
JOHN - John D. Henry was the son of Michael Henry, b. 1819, and Frances CARTER. Michael Henry's parents were John Henry, (Jr.) , b. 1783, Va. and Rebecca HQWERTON, b. 1785. His paternal grandfather was John Henry, Sr. and his maternal grandparents were William Howerton and Nancy RATCLIFF.
REBECCA - Rebecca Sample was the daughter of Stephen S. Sample and Louisa M. Cecil. Stephen's parents were James Sample and Celia Fuller, and Louisa's father came from the Cecil Family of Cecil Co. Md. and her mother was Margaret Peggy Wyson.

NICKELLS - Dr. Asa B. Nickell, father of Dr. Henry Nickell, was born in 1838 in Morgan County. His wife was Susan KENDALL, daughter of James Kendall and Elizabeth ALLISON.

Dr. Asa Nickell's father was (preacher) Joseph Nickell. Joseph was the son of John Nickell (b. 1771), whose parents were Joseph Nickell and Elizabeth FOWLER. If you wish you can trace the Morgan Co. Nickell family to Greenbriar County, W.Va., once a part of Va. Joseph's mother was Elsy WILSON, b. 1768, daughter of Andrew Wilson and Frances CRAIG.

Dr. Asa Nickell's mother was Rachel Kash, b. 1794, daughter of James Kash, b. 1772. The parents of James were John Kash and Rachel McAllister. When tracing the Kash family back, do not be surprised if you find the spelling "Cash". Rachel's mother was Phoeba Lacy, b. 1774, daughter of William Lacy and Mary B. Nettle.

PEERY - Martha Peery, a descendant of the Tazewell County Peery family was born in 1799. Her parents were John Peery, Jr. and Deborah KIDD. John, Jr. was known as John the silversmith to distinguish him from his father, John, Sr. who was known as John, the distiller. Deborah's parents were William Kidd, b. about 1737 in Augusta County, Virginia and Margaret ? Martha married David STEELE, who had been born around 1795. The history of the Steele family will appear elsewhere.

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