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Kentucky Cousins Pages

Some of my ancestors are hard to find. I think they landed on a space ship . . .

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Walker Family Papers

From the application papers of Thomas Walker of Monroe County, Va. to be paid for his military service in the Revolutionary War (approved 1840) "Q. How old is he? A. 67 years Q. State his service... A. In 1779, 3 months, as a private. 1780, 3 months. Q. Where did he reside when he entered the service? A. Rockingham Co., Va." After a statement of the type of evidence, Walker was awarded $20 per year for his military service.
Note that this is not the famous Dr. Thomas Walker, early surveyor of Kentucky, although it is possible that the two Virginia families may be related.

SAMPLES - Rebecca Sample was born about 1848 in Bath County, Kentucky, the daughter of Stephen G. Sample, born about 1826 in Russell County, Virginia and Louisa M. CECIL, also born in Virginia.

Stephen was the son of James Sample, whose parents were William Sample, born around 1770 in Prince Edward County Virginia and Nancy WILSON. Stephen's mother was Celia FULLER, the daughter of Stephen Fuller of Caswell Co., N.C. and his wife Mary Forean. This makes Stephen a descendant of Henry Fuller and Catherine SALLING.

As we noted, Stephen was Rebecca's father; Louisa M. Cecil was her mother. Louisa was the daughter of Samuel CECIL, born around 1791 in Tazewell, County, Virginia, and his wife Rebecca SMITH. The Cecil family was well-known in the Tazewell area and more about them can be found on the Rootsweb site for Tazewell County. The family originally came from Maryland.

STANLEYS - Sarah E. Stanley was born about 1834 in Franklin County, Virginia. Her parents were Moses Stanley, born 1800 Virginia, and Ellender LOWE, born 1803 Virginia. Sarah married Peter H. ALLEY, born 1826, in Pike County, Kentucky.
MOSES - Moses Stanley, father of Sarah, was the son of William Stanley and Nancy MULLINS. William was the son of a William Stanley and Judy, and Nancy was the daughter of William Mullins and Elizabeth.
NELLIE - Ellender "Nellie" Lowe, Sarah's mother, was the daughter of James Aaron Lowe, b. 1774, Va. and Sarah FRAZIER, born 1776, Virginia. James Aaron was the son of Samuel (Noe)(Lowe), b. 1750 and Mary DENNIS. I am inclined to think that Sarah's father was Micajah Frazier, an early Kentucky pioneer, but I am aware that there is one researcher who believes it to be James Frazier.

STEELES - Margaret M. Steele, wife of William P. WALKER, was born about 1839 in Tazewell County, Virginia. Margaret was the daughter of David Steele, born about 1795 in Wythe County, Virginia, and Martha PEERY, born 1799.
DAVID - his parents were Robert Steel, born about 1750, probably in the New River Valley area of Virginia, and Rebecca OURY, born about 1787 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, his second wife. Robert was the son of Reuben Steel and Hannah CROCKETT, and the grandson of Alexander Steel and Hannah KING. Rebecca was the daughter of Wendel Oury and Katherine Peterpenner.
MARTHA - Martha, Margaret's mother, was the daughter of John Peery, b. 1762, and Deborah KIDD, b. 1770. The Peery family were long time residents of Tazewell County Virginia and more about them appears under the heading Peerys.

WILLIAMSONS - Rebecca and Elizabeth Williamson were sisters, born around the early 1800's. Their father, Benjamin Williamson came from Virginia to settle in the Tug River region along the Kentucky-West Virginia border. Benjamin's parents were Alden Williamson (b. about 1750, in Virginia, and Isabel THOMPSON, b. around 1756 in Virginia.

Benjamin married Lucretia SCOTT, born around 1777 in Pike County. Lucretia's parents are believed to be William Scott and Lucretia JAMES.

Benjamin's daughter Rebecca married Paul ALLEY, born around 1798 in Virginia. Elizabeth married Silas OOTON/(W)ooten?

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