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Kentucky Politics
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In this year of the Presidential race, the topic of politics is swiftly grabbing the headlines - on the national scene and sometimes on the state level as well. This page will be used to cover Kentucky government and politics by giving you links which we hope you might find helpful. But don't expect opinions or predictions!!
Registering to vote in Kentucky has been made even less complicated in recent years, but you must get it done by 28 days before the general election. If you have a friend registering for the first time, instructions are in the link below.

Registering to Vote in Kentucky

Keeping Up with the Candidates and the News

Below are some web sites which we think you might find helpful as you try to keep up with political events this year. Find out who is ahead; see what issues are hot and get a chance to express your personal opinion.

Try Roll Call for news of what is happening in Congress, editorials and commentary

CNN news channel's site on politics

National Journal, an online magazine about politics

To participate in the process of government, you need ways to contact your national and state legislatures as well as the President's office and to find out what bills they are considering. Many bills are already pre-filed for consideration by the 2002 Kentucky Legislature session. We hope the links below will be helpful. We have included a link we noticed for Lexington voters who wish to report problems with traffic planning and municipal services.

The White House

Bills before Congress from the Library of Congress Web Site

How to contact your members of the House of Representatives

How to Contact Your Senators

Information About Congress

Bills before the Kentucky Legislature

Lexington-Fayette County Government