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Photos of Kentucky
The Kentucky Pages

Come enjoy it with us!

I have always enjoyed travel and photography. These are a few scenes I have snapped while traveling around our state.

Kentucky Horse Park

A picnic in the Daniel Boone National Forest

Red Mile, Lexington, Kentucky

When you visit Kentucky scenes, don't forget your camera. Lots of places can turn your photos into computer files.
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The Belle of Louisville Steamboat

Boy enjoying Cave Run Lake's Muskie Bend

Louisville street scene

The pictures displayed on this page are, going left to right, row by row: 1. horses relaxing at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, 2. the Belle of Louisville steamship on the Ohio River, 3. an open air market in Morehead, Kentucky displaying fall fruits and vegetables 4. a young boy enjoying the water at Muskie Bend of Cave Run Lake, 5. The Red Mile race track in Lexington, and 6. a street scene in downtown Louisville.