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Pike County Page
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Pike County Genealogy Items

This space is being set aside for family trees, documents, and other material related to Pike County.

From the May 18, 1934 edition of Pike Hi News . . .
"The team lost the first five or six games, but later on they hit a winning streak . . . . Those on the basketball squad were: Marvin Watts, Ernest Johnson, Eugene Pinson, Jack Vanhoose, Charles Paul Ramsey, Claude Staton, Bruce Walters, Robert Baker, John Scott and Charlie Vanhoose."

(Characters in a play put on by the first eight grades)
Godmother - Anne Meredith; Cupid - Billy Stratton; Stepsisters - Eula Mae Burchett and Helen Raynor; Cinderella - Eleanor Corbin; Prince - Ralph Mae; Dukes - James Damron and Woodrow Anderson; Stepmother - Christine Justice.

Performers at the Eighth Grade Banquet: Duet by Wahta Lee Keel and Eleanor Corbin; performance of the Watermelon Song and Billy Boy by the class; Talk by Mr. Damron; toastmaster, Elizabeth Owens.

Literary Tournament(won for 3 years by Pike High Teams): Debating: Leonard Roberts , Marjorie Griffith and Bobby Arnold, negative; Henrietta Williamson, Mary E. Rasnick and Ballard McKinney, affirmative. Other participation in the Tournament: John Kaminski, Essay; Olive Barrett, Reading; Henrietta Williamson, Sight Reading; Bobby Arnold, Oration; Leonard Roberts, Declamation. (Some of our Kentucky readers will recognize the name Leonard Roberts; Mr. Roberts became a well-known Kentucky author, producing books of folk tales, etc., which can be found in state bookstores.)

1934 Pike High Seniors Night Program: Main Cast: Kathryn May, Rosalie Scott, Mildred Ratliff, Mary Evelyn Rasnick, Opal Kidd, Olive Barrett, Gracie Hall, Willa Mae Wells, Robert Johnson, John Kaminski, Billie Picklesimer, Donald Mullins, Virginia Coleman, Henrietta Williamson, Robert Baker, John Rasnick, John Adkins, Robert Amos, Nevolyn Childers, and Reno De Fillipo. The play pictured the future college life of the seniors. Music was by the high school band and by John Anderson, Robert Baker, Bill Pauley, Billy Picklesimer, and Charles Paul Ramsey.

A new historical museum is being planned in Pikeville.  Items connected to the history of the county are being collected and the public is being involved in the process.  We'll try to report more about this as information becomes available.

Pike County housekeeping aides program - late 1930's or early 1940's

The ladies pictured above were Pike County members of a government program designed to provide housekeeping aides those who needed them due to disability. The picture was taken in the late 1930's (or possibly the very start of the 1940's).


The boys in the photo are the young sons of Dr. Anthony Dotson and his wife Nora B. Dotson. We assume from the ages of the boys that the photo was taken in the 1920's.

The Isaac Charles Barrett family of Pikeville

This photo is of Isaac Charles Barrett and Harriett Walker Barrett, together with some of their children and family members. The young lady standing at left is Nora B. Dotson. The picture was probably taken around 1905, more or less. The family emigrated from Tazewell County in southwest Virginia around 1893 and raised many descendants in Pike County.

Early Pike County School group

This picture is of an early Pike County school, probably taken around the 1930's. Teachers and students are enjoying being out of doors in the sunshine.

A List of Pike County Teachers in 1910

The following material is from a list of teachers attending or being examined at the Pike County Institute on July 11 to July 15, 1910. At that time, W.E. Flanary was the County Superintendent of Schools. J.A. Casebolt and Mrs. W. A. Dotson (wife of Dr. W. Anthony Dotson) were examiners, and W.M. Byington and E.M. Kennison, (both of Louisa) were the instructors. The names were only roughly alphabetized. Schools and districts have been omitted in typing.

A - E

Auxier, Mary E.- Alley, Joseph- Alley, Matilda - Burk, A.H.,
Bevins, Rell - Barrett, C.F. - Ball, Beverly - Bentley, Myrtle - Ball, Willie - Burnett, W.W. - Barrett, A.E. - Blackburn, Wayne - Ball, Marion - Barrett, W.W. - Biliter, J.M. - Bentley, Mollie - Bates, Monroe - Brewer, Joe - Bevins, G.C. - Bowers, W.J. - Blackburn, W.A. - Belcher, Willie - Branham, J.T. - Blackburn, E. B. - Davis, R. M. - Bishop, Floyd - Bond, A. C. - Bowling, H.V. - Branham, Sam - Clay, M.G. - Clevinger, I. C. - Campbell, J.D. - Coleman, M.M. - Campbell, M.F. - Cline, Myra - Corbin, Lacy - Curry, J.L. - Cantrill, W.M. - Casebolt, S. B. - Combs, W.G. - Clevinger, Jas. - Combs, E.L. - Casebolt, J.H. - Cox, A.J. - Chaney, Ida - Coleman, J.M. - Collinsworth, J.F. - DuBoise, Louisa - Damron, Jerome - Deskins, Thurman, Daniels, Cleveland - Deskins, Rush - Davis, R.M. - Damron, P.K. - Damron, J. Luther - Dotson, Mrs. W.A. - Damron, Sam - Dils, Georgia - Damron, F.P. - Damron, Alex - Deskins, J. B. - Elliott, Mrs. R.C. - Elliott, Mary E. - Elliott, R.C.

F - P

Flanary, Don - Francis, Jesse - Farley, R.T. - Farley, Olivee - Francisco, D.E. - Ford, Willie - Ford, John - Goff, G. W. - Greer, Calvin - Gibson, Mrs. A. P. - Ganon, W.B. - Gross, G.S. - Hawkins, G.T. - Hardin, J. L. - Hurley, Eli C. - Hankins, Anna - Hawkins, Mrs. Rebecca - Hatfield, A. D. - Hatfield, York - Hawkins, Willet H. - Hughes, W.P. - Hayton, G.W. - Harvey, Merriam - Honaker, J.B. - Hale, G.M. - Hackney, Myrtle - Hensley, A. J. - Hankins, George - Hughes, G. H. - Isom, E.K. - Johnson, J.G. - Johnson, S.B. - Johnson, W.D.B. - Johnson, Jack, Johnson, R.S. - Justice, W.H. - Justice, Kennie - Johnson, Nathaniel - Johnson, John - Keel, J.M. - Leslie, Kate - Lawson, J.M. - Looney, D.P. - Layne, David - Leslie, Rittie - Lowe, Lizzie - Lowe, Lassie - Mullins, G.J. - Moore, Fred - Morrison, Philip - Moore, Elmer - Murphy, B. L. - May, Pearl - Mullins, Everett - Mullins, H.M. - Mullins, Tilden - May, E.W. - Maynard, Virgie - May, Dover? - McCoy, Garland - Osborn, Icy - Osborn, A.G. - Osborn, Ida - Peery, Maryland - Potter, G.W. - Potter, M.J.

R - Z

Riddle, T.M. - Runyon, C.C. - Riddle, W.G.W. - Raines, Jason - Ramsey, J.B. - Ramey, G.C. - Riddle, J.I. - Runyon,Amos - Ratliff, W.E. Ramey, Bart - Rowe, W.M. - Rowe, J.G. - Ratliff, B.D. - Ratliff, M.F. - Robinson, Pearl - Ratliff, August? - Roberts?, Tom - Smith, W.T. - Scott, G.C. - Smith, T.J. - Scott, Bertha - Smith, Ida - Sanders, J.M. - Syck, H.E. - Stone, J.J. - Sanders, Milton - Smallwood, Enoch - Scott, Jane L. - Smallwood, S.K. - Staton, J.M. - Spears, A.J. - Scott, John - Smith, Dixie - Sanders, M.D. - Stapleton, Mintre - Stepp, Dollie - Spears, Lutherford - Stratton, S.T. - Tackett, Angie - Tackett, Alma - Tackett, J.M. - Thompson, Leonard - Thompson, G.W. - Tackett, Duran - Thomas, J.J. - Tackett, Mark - Varney, A.H. - Varney, Cora - Varney, Alice - Vanover, E.E. - Vanover, Nora - Vest, R.L. - Wright, S.A. - Webb, L.J. - Williams, T.H. - Whitt, L.F. - Webb, W.J. - Whitt, Vada - Whitt, Carrie

There were no surnames under X,Y,Z on the list.