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Appalachian Genealogy
The Kentucky Pages

Helpful Books and Web Sites

As you are researching your Appalachian genealogy, keep two things in mind about change: (1) although our pioneer ancestors didn't have the automobiles we have today, they did move, so learning about migration routes is helpful. One common route for the Scots-Irish was down from Pennsylvania, through Augusta County; then along a wagon route to North Carolina and/or Southwest Virginia and through the Cumberland Gap of Kentucky. There were, of course, other routes. (2) The counties we have today are not the same as the counties of colonial or early U.S. history, so early maps can help. For example, Floyd County, Ky., Russell Co., Virginia and Anson County, N.C. were all once large counties taking in territory that would be in other counties today. Note that none of the links which follow are to my pages, but instead to the work of other genealogists and writers whose efforts I admire.

Appalachian Ancestry - Kentucky and East Tennessee

Early settlers of the New River area of Va. & N.C.

Pike County and other Appalachian areas

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The following alphabetized list of web sites which cover the genealogy of various nationality and ethnic groups may be of assistance to some Kentuckians and Appalachians as they research their genealogy.

African-Americans: The Afrigeneas Web Site

African-American Genealogy from Cyndi's List

English Genealogy: Yahoo Directory

English and Irish Genealogy

French Genealogy

French Huguenots

German Genealogy

Italian Genealogy

A Melungeon Link

Melungeon research on GenForum

Native American Genealogy

picnic near Daniel Boone National Forest

Mexican Genealogy, including a surname list

Mexican/Hispanic Genealogy

Misconceptions about mountain people (Not Genealogy, but so much fun!)

If you or members of your family are from the Appalachian area and have been asked foolish questions by people with little knowledge of the mountain area, perhaps you will get a laugh from this page.

If you prefer doing Eastern Kentucky research in a library rather than online, the following books may be helpful: Pioneer Families of Eastern and Southeastern Kentucky by William C. Kozee, Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, (1994); The Big Sandy Valley, by William Ely, Heritage Books, Inc., Bowie, MD.; and another The Big Sandy Valley, by Willard Rouse Jillson, reprinted for the Clearfield Co. by Genealogical Publishing, Baltimore (1999).

Many ancestors of Kentuckians came from Virginia. Some other volumes which are helpful are Annals of Southwest Virginia by Summers, Harman's volume on Tazewell County, Virginia (an early settlement) and Kegley's Adventures on Western Waters. Nearly all of these are available at the Kentucky History Center in Frankfort.
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We hope to add more as time goes on, as well as links to other research aids. Enjoy your search for your family's history.